ELEV8 Performance Products Uses


ELEV8 Performance Powertrain Treatment is an oil additive that is engineered using nanotechnology to improve performance in your engine. ELEV8 can reduce friction, increase horsepower, improve fuel economy, and reduce emissions. Here are just a few of the types of vehicles ELEV8 can work with and how they will improve performance in each!


These vehicles need to be dependable as well as rugged enough to get the job done in some of the most adverse conditions in the world. Improving your horsepower as well as reducing wear and tear on these engines means fewer breakdowns when you need all the vehicles you can get out there in the field. Vehicles support our troops, and smoother operations with engines and powertrains that last longer and run more efficiently mean that ELEV8 Powertrain Treatment supports you!

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It is crucial that the frequency of taking a first-response vehicle offline for repairs and maintenance be kept to an absolute minimum; after all, people’s lives are at stake. Emergency vehicles also need to have what it takes to get to the scene quickly, and to power through all sorts of road conditions. ELEV8 gives your trucks, vehicles, and even equipment such as generators and cutters the longevity and horsepower improvement they need to keep you on the job and saving lives.


Agricultural vehicles work in places without roads most of the time. Working the fields is hard, relentless work, and it’s not uncommon for a farm/ranch vehicle to be running for ten or more hours at a time, often from sunup to sundown! With dust, debris, extreme heat, and low-speed operating, this kind of work can be a major strain on most engines. ELEV8 gives your farm equipment more horsepower and torque, and works exceptionally well with older vehicles that have been through their paces and need the advantage of a quality oil additive. Breakdowns mean a loss of time, and at harvest and planting time, lost time means lost revenue.

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From front-end loaders to rock trucks, heavy equipment has been designed to use internal combustion engines to move, build, and level a work site in just about any weather condition. ELEV8’s nanotechnology bonds with the gaps and imperfections in the powertrain parts, and creates a more seamless environment inside the engine to increase horsepower and reduce wear and tear on moving parts. As with other industrial vehicles, dependability is key, and improved performance means better fuel mileage and fewer breakdowns, which saves you money while you get the job done!

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As good as ELEV8 is for large engines that run for hours on end, ELEV8 is equally good for the start-and-stop life of a personal vehicle. Increased horsepower gets you down the road and up the hills faster, especially when you’re hauling a boat or a trailer. And reduced friction keeps your engine from running hot in bumper to bumper traffic. However you use your vehicle, you can trust that ELEV8 will improve mileage, horsepower, torque and engine life, while helping you comply with ever-tougher emissions restrictions.

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Dominate every track when you elevate your racing performance with more horsepower, more torque and fewer fuel stops.

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Classic/Luxury Vehicles

Doesn’t your “baby” deserve the very best engine treatment? ELEV8 lets you maximize performance as well as the return on your investment. Most luxury sports cars run on high octane fuel, which can usually contain higher levels of ethanol.  This also means that they tend to run hotter as well as carry more water, absorbed from even the atmosphere, and over time can pit and damage your motor.  ELEV8 is crucial to keeping your ride running smooth, beefing up horsepower, keeping your emissions cleaner, and your expensive sports car out of the much more expensive shop due to engine overhauls and repairs.

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Using mostly two-stroke motors, yard equipment runs dirty, with extreme amounts of carbon buildup, water in the fuel/oil system, and even bits of debris from the surrounding environment. Yard equipment is typically not treated with the same respect as a motor in a personal vehicle or truck either, with equipment such as leaf-blowers, lawn mowers, and trimmers often left sitting for months on end. ELEV8 protects the equipment’s moving parts that are immersed in oil to allow longer running hours and a cleaner environment, particularly under hot running conditions.


Marine conditions are especially hostile environments for motors. While ELEV8 can be used in industrial shipping engines, it is equally ideal for pleasure craft like waterskiing boats, bass boats, and yachts. ELEV8 delivers improved engine life, mileage, and protection against water in saltwater or freshwater conditions, while reducing emissions!

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ELEV8 gives your bike the extra horsepower and torque you need, while keeping your engine running cool.

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