Oil Additive & Treatment
for Fleet Vehicles

Wear and Tear on Fleet Vehicle Engines

The daily grind on fleet vehicles puts them in a class of wear all on their own. The idling can be measured in hours a day, interrupted by hard starting and stopping. High miles, rough driving and long run times can slowly destroy your engine, one shift at a time.

In addition, fleet vehicles in cities drive at lower, less efficient speeds that hurt their fuel economy. Fortunately, ELEV8’s ability to function as an automatic transmission conditioner delivers both reduced powertrain wear and increased gas mileage.

Reduce Friction to Increase Fuel Economy

While you aren’t about to run the engine any less, you can see an uptick in performance. ELEV8 can drop the amount of friction by up to 75%, which can reduce wear up to 82%. Just imagine how many more years of service you’ll get, and the reduced costs in repairs you can enjoy when you have a powertrain treatment that acts as an automatic transmission and engine conditioner to ensure your work truck isn’t taking such a beating. You’ll save even more money with the way ELEV8 increases your fuel economy. One trucking firm reported a 4% increase in fuel economy following 60,000 miles, and calculated that adding ELEV8 will save them over $2,000 per truck per year.

In addition, one of the world’s largest logistics companies tested ELEV8 in their Mercedes-Benz Sprinter diesel vans and increased fuel economy by over 8%.

The Technology Behind ELEV8

ELEV8 reduces friction and repairs surfaces by filling in the mircoscopic imperfections in – and bonding to – the working metal parts in your powertrain. Two moving parts working together create friction, but rough parts working together create significantly more friction and cause significant cost increases. This is how ELEV8 sets itself apart: by using the engine oil to transport friction-fighting nanoparticles to all the working parts in your engine to protect your truck mile after mile and stop after stop.

ELEV8 can deliver results as soon as you begin using it. Smooth out rough surfaces, cut down on friction, and start seeing improvements when you buy today!

Minimize Engine Maintenance and Increase Vehicle Life

While ELEV8 can save your fleet big bucks in fuel expense, it can save you even more by reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of your vehicles by up to several years.

ELEV8’s improvements aren’t just available for vehicles new to the fleet. Its ability to function as a friction-fighting engine treatment will have your old standbys in line for even more benefits. Years of hard work can leave motor parts ailing and softened by repetitive stress. Have your fleet running like new again, after ELEV8 – which has been shown to increase surface hardness by up to 6% – gets to work smoothing damaged surfaces and ensuring continued use.