Oil Additive & Treatment for

Exhilaration in Motion

Neal Peart, the former drummer and lyricist for the band Rush, once explained the attraction of motorcycling this way: “We ride for joy-for freedom, weather, wildlife, curiosity, speed, escape, satisfaction, challenge and grinning out loud as we rail through a perfect curve. And when the bike is parked at the end of the day, there is another kind of joy: the elevated sense of accomplishment and survival.” In the words of SpeedTV personality Alain de Cadenet, “Motorcycling is one of the last freedoms available to those who want the total view, the total sound and, very importantly, the total smell of our planet. Judicious choice of machine can enable a rider to literally ride anywhere.”

Over 12 million motorcycles are providing freedom, escape, exhilaration – as well as basic transportation – to a wide range of enthusiasts across the U.S. Motorcycling gives riders many benefits in addition to the ones described above. A scientific study conducted by Ryuta Kawashima in partnership with Yamaha Japan and Tohoku University, found that riding a motorcycle can improves your cognitive function by as much as 50%. The reason is the fact that riding a motorcycle requires a high level of alertness and rapid problem-solving. According to Kawashima, “The driver’s brain gets activated by riding motorbikes.”

As any rider will tell you, motorcycles can also make you happier. In fact, there’s a scientific reason for this: Every twist of the wrist releases adrenaline which, in turn, releases endorphins. These “feel good” hormones improve our mood, increase pleasure and minimize pain.
Riding a motorcycle can also enhance a rider’s physical fitness; it requires a lot of muscles to work together, with your core tying everything together. In addition, the muscles in the thighs help keep the patella and other bones in the knee in place. Since the movements are low-impact, people who suffer knee or thigh pains describe riding a motorcycle as a kind of physical therapy.

You can also burn a substantial number of calories while a riding a motorcycle. Motocross riders can burn up to 600 calories per hour. Street can burn 200-to-300 calories per hour, especially if you ride with some vigor. Even passengers on sport bikes can burn up to 50 calories per hour.

Since your motorcycle can be so good to you, doesn’t it make sense to be good to your motorcycle?

Increased Power When You Need It

One of the many benefits of creating a more seamless lubrication in your engine is an increase in both horsepower and torque. Eliminating metal shavings, debris, and improving adhesion to moving parts makes for a more powerful, higher efficiency engine that delivers an increase in power in ways that you will definitely notice – especially when you need that extra burst to pass other vehicles or that extra “oomph” to climb a hill or to carry a passenger.

Engine Oil: Essential but Not Enough

While oil is obviously essential to making sure any vehicle’s engine performs acceptably, it’s not enough to get an engine to attain maximum performance. Friction, dirt, debris, and moisture conspire to cause wear and tear on an engine over time. To make matters worse, excessive heat causes parts to warp and become misaligned, and this can lead to metal shearing and reduced efficiency until our engines ultimately wear out.

Your engine oil needs help if it’s going to fight all of these forces and enhance your engine’s performance as well as its life. It needs an additive. And for maximum engine performance and maximum engine life, it needs ELEV8 Powertrain Treatment.

Having Your Fuel Economy AND Power, Too

Remember when increasing fuel economy meant having to accept lower horsepower? Well, with ELEV8 Powertrain Treatment, the days of having to compromise are a thing of the past. ELEV8 allows you to ELEV8 your fuel economy AND your horsepower!

The key is this state-of-the-art additive’s revolutionary ability to significantly reduce friction and heat by filling in – and bonding to – the microscopic imperfections in your engine’s moving metal parts.

Using oil alone puts something smooth – the oil – between the moving metal parts. But adding ELEV8 to that oil actually makes the metal parts themselves smooth. And THAT makes a world of difference.

More Fuel Economy for More Money in Your Pocket

ELEV8 has proven its ability to increase mileage by anywhere from 4% to 27% in virtually any type and age of vehicle: cars, pickups, vans, big rigs, boats, and, of course, motorcycles.

Increased fuel economy means not only significant cost savings, but less frequent visits to gas stations. And that, as any motorcycle enthusiast will tell you, create the biggest benefit of all: more time spent riding!

Reduced Engine Maintenance, Increased Engine Life

ELEV8’s unprecedented reduction in friction and heat not only improves performance but reduces the amount of maintenance required on your engine. Repairs can be expensive, and if one part wears out, the odds are that the parts next to it will also wear out quickly– particularly as they come into contact with the newer replacement parts.

Fortunately, reducing friction and heat reduces wear and tear, and this not only reduces not only the frequency of your engine maintenance but increases engine life. This means getting another year or two or three of thrills out of your investment in your motorcycle.

A Power Boost Worth Millions

One of the world’s leading motorcycle racing teams tested ELEV8 in three factory Suzuki 250cc motocross engines using back to back Dynamometer tests. The results: ELEV8 generated between 8% and 10% more horsepower during the three tests.

To put that into perspective, the racing team told us they had never seen any additive – or any product of any kind – create that magnitude of impact on horsepower. In fact, they said, even with an investment in R&D of $3 to $5 million, it is highly unlikely that an 8% to 10% horsepower increase would have been possible.

But don’t worry: You can put ELEV8 in your motorcycle for considerably less than $3 to $5 million!