Oil Additive & Treatment for
Personal Vehicles

Oil Additive & Treatment for Cars

Millions of cars are on the road today, and the majority of these have one thing in common: oil. Oil is a necessary component for any internal combustion engine. It reduces friction between metal parts that are moving in a synchronized manner at high speeds, producing enormous amounts of heat through all sorts of working and environmental conditions. For up to hundreds of thousands of miles, these parts work together with the mechanical tolerances of a Swiss watch. They power our cars and trucks to drive us to work, to idle for hours without moving in traffic, and to pull boats and campers up winding mountain roads on vacation.

We rely on our personal vehicles for our livelihoods and our hobbies, as well as connecting us to just about any destinations we need to reach on land. Oil is an essential component to making sure our vehicles’ engines continue to run and our vehicles keep driving onward. Over time, friction, dirt and debris, and even water moisture can cause wear and tear on an engine. Excessive heat causes warping and a misalignment of parts, which can lead to metal shearing and a reduction in efficiency until our engines just wear out.

Oil is a fine lubricant, but if you want to keep your car on the road for longer periods of time, you need an oil additive. Oil can’t support optimal performance on its own. Fortunately, now there is ELEV8 Powertrain Treatment, a state-of-the-art additive that gives oil the help it needs to optimize performance by significantly reducing friction, wear and emissions, and significantly increasing horsepower, torque and fuel economy.

Reduce Engine Maintenance

ELEV8 is carried by the oil throughout the engine to fill in – and bond to – friction-causing microscopic imperfections in moving metal parts. The resulting reduction in friction and heat not only improves performance but reduces the amount of maintenance required on your engine. Repairs are extremely costly, and once one part wears out in your engine, chances are its adjoining components will begin to wear out quickly as well – particularly as they come into contact with the newer replacement parts.

Adding ELEV8 to your engine oil can add years to your engine’s life. It will be able to withstand high temperatures for longer periods of time, and reduce the frequency of engine maintenance by significantly reducing friction between the engine’s moving parts.

Increase Engine Horsepower

Here’s how ELEV8 works as a fuel oil additive. Through extensive research and engineering, ELEV8 has been designed to deliver nano particles directly into your powertrain. At a microscopic level, the nano particles in ELEV8 bond to metal parts and machinery, filling surface cracks, spaces between moving parts, and imperceptible pits in the materials. The result is an exceptionally smooth lubricating layer that resists oxidation, moisture, and responds well under heat, pressure, and long durations at high speeds.

Creating a more seamless lubrication in your powertrain increased performance, especially in horsepower. Eliminating metal shavings, debris, and improving adhesion to moving parts makes for a more powerful, higher efficiency engine that delivers more torque, and extends the lifespan of moving parts in the process. In short, it improves performance in just about every possible way, and in ways that you will definitely notice.

Sustainable Car Engine Treatment

It’s no secret that motorized vehicles, especially those powered by internal combustion engines, have a harmful impact on the environment. This impact results not only directly from emissions, but also indirectly: from mining and forging materials required to manufacture powertrain parts that are put through a torture test every time you turn the key and start your vehicle. For all vehicles – light-duty trucks, SUVs, luxury cars, and even hybrid vehicles – the most critical moment of an engine’s life is every time the first spark starts the process for engine to start up. After sitting for hours or days without operating, the engine’s moving parts have yet to be covered in protective engine oil, and starting the engine is a very dramatic jolt to the system. This is why engine parts often fail during startup; and if they don’t fail, at minimum they experience significant wear. However, this is not a problem if your engine has been treated with ELEV8. ELEV8 bonds to the moving metal parts; friction will be minimized even when those parts are yet to be lubricated by engine oil.

Over time, your engine’s efficiency declines. You might notice more smoke, decreased fuel mileage, increased emissions, and more frequent repairs. On a larger scale, replacing powertrain parts means more manufacturing, transportation, and even mining of materials used to replace these parts. Reducing the need to replace parts and increasing engine life will benefit the earth in the form of reduced pollution, mining tailings, shipping impact, and industrial waste. ELEV8 is thus sustainable by virtue of the many benefits that flow from reduced engine wear.

ELEV8 is sustainable because it increases fuel economy, which reduces the impact of fuel production, transportation, consumption, and emissions. On a larger scale, this is not only good for you, but for the planet as well.

Try ELEV8 oil additive in your personal vehicle and make a difference today!