ELEV8 Uses

Power steering systems

Exceeds ASTM Standards

ELEV8 Performance meets or exceeds the standards of ASTM D3233B, ASTM D2596 & ASTM E348-10.

ELEV8 is California Proposition 65-compliant

ELEV8 has been extensively tested to ensure that it is safe under a variety of manufacturing and environmental conditions.

ELEV8 is California Proposition 65-compliant.

ELEV8 is also compatible for use with petroleum-based and synthetic lubricants:

  • oils
  • greases
  • automatic transmission fluids
  • hydraulic fluids

ELEV8 Performance Ratio Table

2 oz./quart (16:1)
Manual Transmission
2 oz./quart (16:1)
Automatic Transmission
0.5 oz./quart (64:1)
Differentials/Transfer Case: up to 80 wt. oil
2 oz./quart (16:1)
Differentials/Transfer Case: over 80 wt. oil
4 oz./quart (8:1)
Power Steering
2 oz. added directly to the system
1 oz. per 20 gallons of fuel
2 Cycle Fuel
1 oz./quart of oil (32:1); agitate first, then mix with gas
2 and 4 Cycle Direct Oil Injection
Mix 2 oz./quart of oil (16:1) before adding to tank
2 oz/gallon (64:1)

Note: Not to be used in limited slip/posi-traction differentials. Do not mix directly with gasoline.

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