Elev8 Performance Products
  • "I put ELEV8 in my Dodge Challenger R/T muscle car, which was loaded with every performance-enhancing feature under the sun when it left the factory. Almost immediately I could feel the extra horsepower pulling, so I had it tested at one of the country's leading dynamometer shops. Sure enough, it showed that ELEV8 gave me an extra 10 horsepower, which is amazing! It also increased my mileage in a car that had no business getting better mileage. I was so blown away I invested in the company!"

    Race car driver and investor Nick Firestone, Paradise Valley, AZ

  • "We love how it keeps our engines running cooler and faster during restrictor plate racing."

    Leading South Korean car racing team

  • "I love how it quiets and smooths out transmissions."

    Engine repair shop owner, Alton, IL

  • "I thought it would be interesting to see if ELEV8 would work in a hybrid, so I tested it in my Toyota Prius with over 180,000 miles on it. I couldn't believe it when it increased my mileage by 13.3%!"

    D.B., Phoenix, AZ

  • "My friend forgot to put on his camshaft bearings when he rebuilt his engine, and the engine was super loud. So he added ELEV8 to his oil, and it really quieted down."

    G.M., Topeka, KS

  • "My brother's car was leaking oil at 200,000 miles. I had him add ELEV8, and the leaking stopped. He got another 80,000 mile out of that car!"

    F.G., Jefferson City, MO

  • "ELEV8 is amazing! My Acura was pretty quiet before, but now it's so quiet when we're at a stop it's like the engine is turned off. It also runs cooler, and the horsepower has increased. I've used other engine treatments over the years, but none of them came close to the difference ELEV8 has made!"

    R.R., Austin, TX

  • "We had one of our drivers go 30,000 miles without ELEV8 and then 30,000 miles with ELEV8 in the same tractor trailer and on the same route. ELEV8 improved mileage by over 4%, which means over $2,500 in diesel fuel savings annually for a single truck!"

    Truck fleet owner, St. Louis, MO

  • "Over the past 20 years, hundreds of people have brought new treatments to our shop and had us do independent dynamometer tests on their cars. ELEV8 is the only product I've ever seen that actually delivers results."

    Richard Garcia, owner of nationally renowned Dyno-Comp tuning shop, Scottsdale, AZ

  • "We typically invest $500,000 to $750,000 in new technology to get a horsepower increase of around 0.5%. One bottle of ELEV8 gave us 16-to-20 times that: between 8% and 10% more horsepower. We were so shocked, we did the test three times to make sure it was real!"

    Manager, leading U.S. motorcycle racing team

  • "ELEV8 increased my Impala's mileage by 21.5%. It's awesome!"

    D.U., Austin, TX